Since we can able to learn, the grand teach us to recognize the value of the natural around us. The natural give us not only the herb but also the root of the knowledge, culture, art and tradition.
          According to the grateful of the raw materials from the nature that we selected the best one and control every process to be Thaniya products. Thaniya Homemade Aroma Products the Best Products in the Best Quality.
         We care in every details of our products so you can trust that you will get the products which have the best quality on the name "Thaniya"
          We create the new trends of the aroma products by mixing ethnics & modern oriental. The concept of brand comes from we love Thai ethnic which beautiful and specific. More over We are young and fresh, we like modern style which is elegance and simple. So we create the new trends of aroma products to be young, fresh, ethnics and modern to make you see,smell and feel ethnics & modern oriental in every piece of Thaniya Products. And you will love Thaniya products same as we love.
          Mentally and physically balanced leads to well-being lifestyle. Human have 5 senses which are sight, taste, hearing, touch, and smell. Good scents of smell bring back memories and drive our imaginations. Colors that around us can uplift our moods, and also bring us back to lives. They have influences our ideas, our attitudes both consciously and unconsciously.
         We believes in the impacts of scents and colors, so we have produced various colorful products that come with good scents. We are sure that we serve the good products that can help you enjoy every moments while use our products.