18 Symbols of Fortune of Each Country

18 symbols of fortune

18 Fortunate Symbols

Each nation has different beliefs that come from their culture and traditions, until now those beliefs remain in each nation. This article will show various nations’ beliefs in the form of a fortunate symbol.

1. Dala Horse

Dala Horse

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It is a tradition of carving horse statues that originates from Nusnäs, Mora, Dalarna, Sweden.
Today the Dala Horse has become a symbol of Dalarna and is often used as a toy for children, which is believed to represent wisdom, honesty, and strength.

2. Elephant


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Elephants symbolize strength, stability, and wisdom in many countries, especially India.

3. Maneki-neko


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It’s a Japanese cat statue believed to bring good fortune to its owner. If placed in a store, it will attract customers to the store like Nang Kwak in Thailand. The appearance of the Maneki-neko is similar to a native Japanese cat without a tail called the Japanese Bobtail.

4. Koi fish scales

Koi fish scales

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In many countries including Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, and Croatia, Koi fish is often prepared for Christmas meals. After the meal, they will look for fish scales left on their plates and keep them in their purses until the next Christmas Eve, as it is believed that this is a way to bring luck for the next year.

5. Acorn


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According to Norse folklore, acorns are said to bring good luck. Moreover, carrying acorns in your bag helps ward off various illnesses.

6. Junk ship

junk ship

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According to Chinese beliefs, the junk ship represents abundance and success because, in the past, trade in goods, knowledge, and education would come mainly by boat. Large ships were able to travel long distances and carry cargo to their final destinations. “To reach the shore” means “success, fulfillment of desires.”

7. Tumi


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According to local beliefs of the Peruvian people, Tumi is a symbol of good luck that is often hung on the wall in the house. The Peruvian government also uses it as the official symbol of tourism in the country.

8. Pig


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“Schwein gehabt!” is a German idiom related to good luck and also to owning a pig. Nowadays, many pigs have become a symbol of wealth. Marzipan pork is now traded for dessert on New Year’s Day.

9. Peacock


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It is a symbol of elegance and representative of auspiciousness. For Hindus, the peacock is a sacred animal that symbolizes good luck, nobility, and love.

10. Lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo

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According to the traditional beliefs of China, it can bring wealth if you receive it as a gift during the New Year, and it can bring bad luck if you neglect to take good care of it.

11. Worry Doll

Worry Doll

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It’s a doll that helps relieve worries. According to the beliefs of the Guatemalan people, complaining about an uncomfortable story to the doll will make you feel better because the doll already takes the negative feeling from you.

12. Scarab


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Scarab has a long history associated with good luck. The ancient Egyptians believed that scarab was related to the movement of the sun and connected with Lord Khepri. Since then, scarab has become a symbol of recovery and transformation, in addition to protection from evil.

13. Peony


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It is the most important flower in Chinese culture. Its meaning is wealth, wealth, honor, and beauty.

14. Nazar (amulet)

Nazar (amulet)

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It is made from blue, white, blue, and black glass to reflect evil according to Turkish beliefs. This amulet is also widely used in neighboring countries such as Armenia, Romania, Albania, Afghanistan, and Iran.

15. Hamsa hand

Hamsa hand

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Hamsa hand has origins in Judaism, but it can be found in other religions such as Christianity, Islam, and modernism. On this hand, three fingers are centered while the thumb and pinky are spread out on the sides with the eyes pressed into the middle of the palm. According to the beliefs of Israel and Arab countries, it can ward off bad luck and other disasters.

16. Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

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According to Native American beliefs, hanging this dream catcher on your nightstand will catch your good dreams and chase away bad dreams.

17. Dolphin


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The dolphin is a symbol of protection. According to the beliefs of the Romans in Italy, if you encounter dolphins while sailing, it means there is land nearby.

18. Crane bird


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In Asia, especially in China and Japan, people often regard the red-crowned crane as an auspicious animal, which results in a long life for humans.




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