38 Precious Fragrant Flowers of Thailand

38 Precious fragrant plant of Thailand

Thai Fragrant Flowers

We cannot live without the scent. In Thailand, many species of plants have beautiful colors and precious scents. So, this article will introduce Thai fragrant flowers to you.

1. Peace lily

Peace lily


The heart-shaped white petals resembling those of anthuriums are a distinctive appearance that makes people choose to plant peace lily in their garden. Peace lily is grown as a low shrubbery because it is a root crop. This plant has a strong scent, likes soft sunlight, and needs water regularly.

2. Alexandrian laurel

Alexandrian laurel

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It is a perennial plant with small lovely white flowers. It has a moderate aroma that is suitable for people who don’t like strong scents.

3. Ylang-ylang


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Ylang-ylang is known as one of the fragrant Thai flowers for gardening. The famous species are Thai ylang-ylang and Chinese ylang-ylang. Thai ylang-ylang has a moderate aroma and can be planted for shade in an area that receives sunlight all day.

4. Mexican flame vine

Mexican flame vine

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A bright red flowering climber that should be planted in a full sun area. It has a light aroma that is suitable for growing as a trellis.

5. Cork Tree

Cork Tree

Cr. https://www.khaosod.co.th

It is a popular plant that still wins the hearts of Thai people because of its soft and comfortable scent.

6. Mitrephora keithii


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It is one of the Thai flowers that blooms all year and is a tall shrub that likes full sunlight all day. The unique shape of the petals is unlike any other flower, which is what makes this plant so attractive in the garden.

7. Goniothalamus giganteus


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It has bright yellow petals with a light fragrance that grows well in the southern of Thailand. It is a perennial plant that can reach 10 meters in height. This plant likes full sunshine all day and needs a lot of water.

8. Goniothalamus sp.

Goniothalamus sp

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It has bright yellow petals with a light fragrance that grows well in the southern of Thailand. It is a perennial plant that can reach 10 meters in height. This plant likes full sunshine all day and needs a lot of water.

9. Baikiaea


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If you want a gentle scent of the garden in the evening, Baikiaea is another choice that should be planted. It is a plant that prefers full sunlight and grows up to 15 meters tall which can provide shade in the garden.

10. Andaman Satinwood

Andaman Satinwood

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It is a low shrub that is commonly planted in gardens as long fences. It gives off an aromatic scent all day and can be stronger at night.

11. Westland’s rhododendron

Westland’s rhododendron

Cr. http://www.qsbg.org

Pure white flowers with a moderate aroma and a delicate appearance. It is a tall shrub that can grow up to 4 meters tall and likes full sunlight.

12. Mitrephora maingayi


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It is a large perennial plant with a soft fragrance that can grow up to 20 meters tall, so it is suitable to be planted for shade in a position with full sunlight all day.

13. Coral Jasmine

Coral Jasmine

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The charm of the coral jasmine is blooming in the evening and falling the next morning. It is a medium-sized shrub that never sheds leaves, giving off a fragrant aroma during the night.

14. Melodorum fruticosum Lour

Melodorum fruticosum Lour

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A perennial plant with soft red flowers that gives off a light scent during the day, and gets stronger at night with an alluring aroma.

15. Honeysuckle flower

Honeysuckle flower

Cr. https://en.wikipedia.org

This climber blooms all year long and is one of those plants that should be planted in the garden in a position that receives full sunlight all day.

16. Giant Pinwheel Flower

Giant Pinwheel Flower


A tall shrub that is popular for growing in small gardens such as side gardens or backyards. It has white petals with a light scent and likes full sunlight.

17. Monk flower

Monk flower

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It is a plant that can be grown in the garden in an area with soft sunlight and requires moderate amounts of water. This flower gives off a light scent throughout the day and gets stronger from evening until morning, which is suitable for planting in a position close to the bedroom.

18. Mitrephora sirikitiae Weerasooriya

Mitrephora sirikitiae Weerasooriya

Cr. http://www.fca16mr.com/webblog/blog.php?id=453

The flower has beautiful white and purple petals with a soft scent. If you have a garden in a narrow space, it is suitable to plant it as a main plant in a position that receives sunlight all day. Watering should be moderate.

19. Climbing Oleander

Climbing Oleander

Cr. http://clgc.agri.kps.ku.ac.th/resources/old-fragrant/strophanthus.html

The 2-3 meters tall shrub has beautiful pale pink flowers with a soft scent. If you have a garden in a narrow space, it is suitable to plant it as a main plant in a position that receives sunlight all day.

20. Anan


Cr. https://m.pantip.com/topic/38408032

It is a perennial plant that gives off a pleasant scent all day long. The petals are clustered at the tip of the shoot, with up to 25 flowers in each cluster. This auspicious plant is popularly planted in the East because it is believed to help protect the person from harm.

21. Home Biennial

Home Biennial

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This plant gives off a light scent in the evening until night and blooms all year. Thai people like to extract Home Biennial for essential oil and also make herbal medicine to relieve aches and sprains.

22. Lignum Vitae

Lignum Vitae

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The tip of the Lignum Vitae has a light scent that is distinctive and elegant. It can also be extracted into a tonic tea.

23. Golden Gardenia

Golden Gardenia

Cr. https://th.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/พุดน้ำบุษย์

In the first blooming period, it will be a soft white flower and give off a sweet scent. The next day, it will gradually turn yellow and have a strong aroma throughout the day. It is most fragrant in the evening and can be scented up to 2-3 meters away.

24. White Ginger

White Ginger

Cr. https://sites.google.com/site/fjmku11111111111111111111/mhahngs

The flower petals are pure white and have yellow tinges, which are produced in bunches throughout the year. When blooming, the entire bouquet will not bloom together but will bloom gradually. It is a flower that begins to release its fragrance in the evening, making it popular among most people to grow it.

25. Butterfly bush

Butterfly bush

Cr. https://www.technologychaoban.com/flower-and-decorating-plants/article_17686

It is believed to be the king’s tree. The petals are white and give off a cool scent throughout the day. It is one of the Thai flowers that people usually plant in their gardens.

26. Chinese Rice Flower

Chinese Rice Flower

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Chinese Rice Flower has a strong scent that can be smelled far away. Most of them are popularly brewed as tea to drink or used in drying clothes to increase the fragrance. In addition to a fragrant scent, the Chinese Rice Flower is also a beautiful, durable, easy-to-grow, and long-lived bush, making Thai people very popular in planting this plant.

27. Chinese Rose

Chinese Rose

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This plant is native to the Barbados Islands. It is a medium-sized cylindrical perennial shrub that blooms, mostly on young branches, in clusters throughout the year. The petals are white and give off a fragrant scent. It smells great in the evening until night, but the scent will fade in the morning and completely disappear in the afternoon.

28. Silk flower (Desmos chinensis)

Desmos chinensis

Cr. https://www.baanlaesuan.com/plants/biennial/138212.html

This plant has a yellow flower that produces a fragrant scent in the morning, but the scent will gradually disappear in the late morning or when the weather is hot. Most people like to use silk flowers as ornamental plants to enhance the beauty of the home and create shade from the sun or rain. It is also used to make aromatherapy because it has properties to treat heart health, colds, bloating, and dizziness.

29. Easter Lily Vine

Easter Lily Vine

Cr. https://www.nanagarden.com

Easter Lily Vine is a large woody climber. It has white petals and a light green base with slightly wavy edges that give off a light scent. This plant prefers full sunlight and its flowers bloom from December to April.

30. Wrightia sirikitiae

Wrightia sirikitiae

Cr. https://www.baanlaesuan.com/plants/annual/137727.html

In 2001, the name “Wrightia sirikitiae” came from requesting the royal name of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit to be used as an identifier. Wrightia sirikitiae is a medium-sized fragrant plant that gives off a light scent in the evening until dusk.

31. Gardenia


Cr. https://prayod.com

Gardenia is a medium-sized shrub with a tree and leaf appearance suitable for a Thai garden. People commonly use gardenia to make garlands for the Buddha or extract essential oils to make perfume. The gardenia bark has medicinal properties to treat dysentery. The leaves can relieve headaches and sprains. The flowers can be squeezed and applied to cure skin diseases. The fruit can also be used as an anthelmintic and diuretic drug.

32. Climbing ylang-ylang

Climbing ylang-ylang

Cr. https://line.kapook.com/view107829.html

The fully bloomed flowers will turn yellow and have a fragrance similar to Chinese ylang-ylang, but Climbing ylang-ylang is smaller. Because the scent of the flower is strong and long-lasting, ancient people liked to use it to dry clothes.

33. Bread Flower

Bread Flower

Cr. เทคโนโลยีชาวบ้าน

The flower is white and blooms from January to March. It has a scent similar to cooked rice or pandanus leaves that smells great throughout the day and is especially fragrant at night.

34. Blue Passion Flower

Blue Passion Flower

Cr. บ้านและสวน

The slender petals are arranged in a circle. People like to use it to make pergola arches. The flowers can be used to flavor food or decorate your home.

35. Nom-Maew


Cr. http://www.reurnthai.com/index.php?topic=1742.15

It is a Thai plant that is often found in humid forests, dry evergreen forests, mixed forests, and scrub forests in the southern and central regions. It gives off a strong aroma in the evening until dusk.

36. White Champaka

White Champaka

Cr. http://www.slowlife.company/ความเชื่อดอกจำปีบูชาพร/

In addition to being notable for its fragrant scent when the wind blows through it, White Champakas are also popular Thai flowers for garlands or as a medicine to relieve dizziness and coughing and nourish the heart.

37. Siamese Randia

Siamese Randia

Cr. https://medthai.com/คัดเค้า/

The flowers are small, white, similar to lemon flowers, and very fragrant in the evening or during low temperatures. Its flowers bloom throughout the year.

38. Flowering moon

Flowering moon

Cr. https://medthai.com/อินจัน/

The ripe fruit will be a soft yellow color. The distinctive feature of ripe fruits is that they have a very pleasant scent, causing Thai people in the past to collect them to smell and place them in the corners of the room so that the fragrance spreads everywhere.


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