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The Story of Ceramic

story of ceramic

The Story of Ceramic Ceramic is the artwork that shows the connection between humans and nature. This article will talk about the story of ceramics such as background, the production process of ceramic, the Benjarong story, Ceramic gifts, and contemporary ceramics. . History of Ceramics In the past, ceramic meant the art related to pottery […]

18 Symbols of Fortune of Each Country

18 symbols of fortune

18 Fortunate Symbols Each nation has different beliefs that come from their culture and traditions, until now those beliefs remain in each nation. This article will show various nations’ beliefs in the form of a fortunate symbol. 1. Dala Horse Cr. It is a tradition of carving horse statues that originates from Nusnäs, Mora, […]

38 Precious Fragrant Flowers of Thailand

38 Precious fragrant plant of Thailand

Thai Fragrant Flowers We cannot live without the scent. In Thailand, many species of plants have beautiful colors and precious scents. So, this article will introduce Thai fragrant flowers to you. 1. Peace lily Cr.ข้อมูลพันธ์ุไม้ The heart-shaped white petals resembling those of anthuriums are a distinctive appearance that makes people choose to plant peace lily […]

Home Decoration with Ceramic

ceramic home decor

Beautiful Home Decoration To decorate the home to look beautiful and luxurious, choosing the proper decorations is one of the important things. The house without good decoration may seem too empty, lacking beauty and livability. Carefully choosing beautiful home decorations with a few items can change the mood and atmosphere of your house. Nowadays, one […]

Scented Design: Sensory Marketing

sensory marketing

Sensory Marketing Humans can detect things intensely through smell more than other senses, including taste, smell, hearing, and sight. Therefore, we can create an atmosphere and impression through scent. In addition, we can study our behaviors, preferences, or lifestyles with various scents because good scents will help stimulate our mood and help us relax. For […]



Chinoiserie – The cultural combination between Western and Eastern If you are looking for styles of home decoration, there are many styles for you to choose from. Suppose you still don’t have any idea. In that case, we would like to introduce Chinoiserie, a unique style with a long history that is the perfect combination […]

18 Popular THANIYA’s Painted Patterns

18 THANIYA popular pattern

Suppose you’re looking for home decorations like a scented candle or a good quality ceramic with a beautiful pattern. THANIYA has specially selected 18 of our most popular ceramic patterns, which are beautiful and also have a good meaning. Our candle is made from 100% jasmine rice wax. You can massage your own skin with […]