Lakley is the scent, created from various of thai rare flowers.


We selected only for the perfection of sweet and tender smell but indulged with mysterious glamour. It is our popular scent.



Leila. Our in-house spectacular blend from various domestic and imported flowers.


This unique scent gives you cool breeze and a touch of pure nature that embrace you with a meadow of flowers.


Frangipani, the most popular scent of Thai flower with use among Thai spas.


We carefully collect only morning Frangipani at its best quality to extract the scent that gives you calmness, helping you to have better sleep and relaxing touch from stress.


Jasmine, a pure white flower with its timeless remarkable scent. Jasmine has been used in Thai classic perfume for a long time.


We honor its legacy by selecting only top quality Jasmine extraction to be part of our ingredients of the candle.


The scent that brings you closer to Asia.
Lemongrass has long been used in Asia for its well-known aromatic scent as fragrance and herbs.

Thai Floral

The floral scent of the dawn that gives you the touch of freshness, purity and joy.

We carefully selected Thai famous urban flowers such as Lotus, Millingtonia, and orchid to perfectly blend as fine ingredients that represent true identity of Thailand as the land of oriental flowers.

Ginger x Lemongrass

Ginger and Lemongrass, Thai famous herbs. This unique scent not only gives you refreshment but also restores the body by its touch of spice that refine your inner system.


Wild Flower

Wild Flower. Its relaxing cool scent gives you serenity that brings your imagination to the waterfalls in the deep tropical jungle.


The scent is inspired by the myth of Himmapan jungle from the ancient tale. This Wild Flower scent is made from high quality collections of wild orchids and other flowers found in the jungles of Thailand.


The inspiration that comes a long way from Sakura forest up in the high mountain of Doi Mae Salong in Chiangrai, Thailand.


Their sweet pink flowers gives sweet and sour scent that represents the true love from a joyful girl that brings energy and dedication to the one she loves.

Classic Rose

Our selection of red roses represents true love that is secured and longlasting. Thai people have always known how to use red roses to express their love since the ancient time.


If you are in love, please allow us to express your love through this unforgettable scent of the finest roses.

Aquara Blossom

Gives you tender touch of fragrance just like the night under the moonlight.


The scent from finest selected series of flowers will bring you to the special moment of calm and happiness throughout the night until you wake up fresh in the morning light. Ready to enjoy the new day.


Brings you fun and joy from Thai urban floral scents through the fresh and soft scent that will help cheering up your mind and relaxing you from a long tough day