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sensory marketing

Sensory Marketing

Humans can detect things intensely through smell more than other senses, including taste, smell, hearing, and sight. Therefore, we can create an atmosphere and impression through scent. In addition, we can study our behaviors, preferences, or lifestyles with various scents because good scents will help stimulate our mood and help us relax. For this reason, the scented design can reflect your identity.

1. Floral scent

scented design-floral

This type of scent helps relieve headaches, providing relaxation that will calm the mind to be not distracted, relieve anxiety, and help to sleep better to wake up more refreshed. Take the scent of flowers, for example. The scent of lavender helps relieve stress and anxiety to make you sleep comfortably. The scent of chamomile helps you fall asleep easily and stay asleep to wake up in a good mood. The scent of jasmine helps relieve anxiety and increases self-confidence.

2. Fruity and Herbal scent

scented design-citrus

This scent is quite strong and helps reduce anxiety. A study found that females who smell the orange peel’s scent during stressful work sessions have reduced anxiety. When you feel tired or hopeless, smelling the fresh scent of orange or lemongrass will help enhance freshness and cheerfulness to be more focused and alert.

3. Gourmand scent

scented design-Gourmand

It’s a fascinating soft and sweet scent that reminds us of desserts such as vanilla or chocolate. This scent helps you feel relaxed and calm as if chilling and reading a book in a cafe, which makes us feel free in our thoughts, spark ideas, and create passions. For example, the sweet scent of vanilla reduces stress and makes you relax.

4. Coffee scent

scented design-coffee

The smell of coffee stimulates brain function, relieves drowsiness, and reduces stress from work because the aroma of coffee will cause a tired brain to feel more relaxed. This scent will help create an atmosphere that makes you want to relax and have some casual conversation.

5. Natural scent

scented design-natural

The smell of grass and ground after rain or the damp smell of the forest makes us feel refreshed. This scent reminds us of those moments without experiencing the event. It also helps us stay awake, relieves fatigue, and improves concentration to build good memory.

6. Spicy and Charming scent

scented design-spicy

If you want to keep your love life fresh, try using this scent to create an atmosphere of love. This kind of scent includes nutmeg that helps you feel the hottest night, a cinnamon scent that makes women feel sexy and more charming, and the scent of lemon that energizes all senses. These scents are so distinctive that you can instantly recognize them when you smell them. It also makes the lover feel the freshness of love life.

7. Fortune scent

scented design-Fortune

It is a mysterious and profound scent that helps us to concentrate as if there are sacred things surrounding us. A rich aroma contains ingredients from incense, incense, or agarwood that help reduce stress or discomfort in the mind. These scents also promote mindfulness, as if purifying the surroundings with appropriate energy and enthusiasm.

8. Leather scent

scented design-leather

It’s a scent that gives the ambiance of vintage and a feeling of preciousness, sometimes it makes you feel excited. For people who are passionate about traveling and are ready to meet challenges that will make them feel excited about the adventure in front of them, this scent will remind them of fun journeys and endless roads. This scent is sometimes made from herbs such as rosemary, sage, and grapefruit mixed with juniper or a woody scent such as cedar wood.


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