A Story of 5 Scents


A Story of floral scents

There are countless varieties of fragrant flowers and plants on Earth. And their amazing smells are as many as the species. Many times we wonder what kind of flower the fragrance we smell belongs to. It would be nice if we could have those sweet floral scents in our home, whether in the living room or bedroom.

5 Floral scents

Today we have brought you 5 scents that we think are the best among them all to help you understand the sweet scent of flowers, the feeling that nothing else can replace it, and the history of different types of flowers and plants, including the deep meaning of each one.


1. Lakley – Sweet and deep floral scent


Lakley is a special blend of various types of fragrant flowers that give a sweet-deep scent as if walking in the middle of nature along with the alluring scent and the mystery of various plants and flowers. This scent is popular because it is a new and unique scent that can take the person to dive into the true meaning of nature.


2. Liela


It is another signature scent that we have blended using special Thai flowers and various types of imported flowers that give a cool, gentle scent. When anyone smells it, they will think of a field of flowers, as if the world consists only of us and the various flowers that embrace us with their wonderful fragrance. Moreover, this scent is as unique as the Lakley scent because it has a blend of Thai flowers and many imported flowers with a perfectly soft scent as if walking into the flower garden with the gentle morning sunshine.


3. Jasmine


Thinking of the gentle scent of some kind of flower, we probably think of the scent of jasmine first. So we will get to know more about this fragrant flower. Thai people regard jasmine as an auspicious flower and consider it as a flower of Mother’s Day because the white color of jasmine represents pure love. In addition, jasmine can bloom all year, so it can convey the meaning of the forever love a mother has for her child.

Jasmine’s origin is the Himalayas that is considered to be the residence of Lord Narayana according to the beliefs of the Brahmin-Hindu religion. In the history of Thailand, it is assumed that jasmine came to Thailand since the Sukhothai period, which coincides with the time when India came to spread religion. With a fragrant scent and pure white petals Since then, jasmine has been popularly used in making garlands for worship.

There are 2 main categories of jasmine, which are local species and imported species. In addition, people also like to float jasmine flowers in water, giving a fragrant smell when drinking water that will help in quenching thirst, cooling off, and refreshing.

Jasmine is very popular for extracting essential oils because of its unique fragrant smell. The scent of jasmine is known as the scent of a valuable flower and is very luxurious in the perfume industry that many luxury brands use.


4.Ginger x Lemongrass


The perfect combination of ginger and lemongrass, familiar Thai herbs with a unique scent. Nowadays, people are becoming increasingly interested in these two herbs because they are known for their properties in fighting various ailments. So, these herbs are at the top of everyone’s household list. In China, ginger is famous for its medicinal properties, to the point that a well-known philosopher once said: “Every meal should not neglect ginger.” There are many benefits of ginger, such as relieving gastrointestinal ailments, improving eyesight, stimulating brain function, improving immunity, recovering the body after childbirth, and reducing the risk of cancer, because ginger is high in antioxidants, which have the property to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Another one is Lemongrass. It is a tropical plant that is native to Africa, Asia, Southeast Asia, and Australia. The value of lemongrass is very high in European and American countries. Commonly, it is exported in the form of fresh plants and essential oil extracts. The properties of lemongrass include relieving gastrointestinal ailments, reducing blood pressure, improving appetite, eliminating bad breath, and removing the fishy smell of meat. Lemongrass gives off a fragrant aroma, so it is used in many cooking methods. For this reason, the combination of ginger and lemongrass is so popular in so many different ways. The use of incense to bring out the unique scents of these two super herbs is also popular.


5. Thai Floral (Lotus, Cork Tree, and Orchid)


The scent of fragrant Thai flowers is second to none with their distinctive, unique fragrance and beauty. First, the lotus is recognized as the Queen of Water Flowers because it has a sweet, gentle fragrance. The lotus is also connected to many beliefs and religions. According to the beliefs of ancient Egypt, the lotus symbolizes fertility, rebirth, and eternity. People believed that placing it on a mummy’s chest would bring that person back to life in the next world. In Thailand, the beliefs are directly related to Buddhism. Buddha used to compare 4 types of humans with 4 types of lotus. Moreover, a lotus in full bloom above the water means one who is free from all suffering.

Next is the cork tree (Dok Peep). It’s a white flower with a fragrant aroma that gives freshness and relaxation. It is also a symbol of Thai nurses because its white petals resemble a nurse’s white uniform. Besides its fragrance, the cork tree is also useful in medicine. Its properties include nourishing the blood and the lungs and treating tuberculosis, and asthma.

And the last Thai flower is the orchid. This plant has the longest history in the world because fossils of orchids are approximately 80 million years old. According to research, orchids probably existed as early as 200 million years ago. The orchid can be found on almost every continent of the world, from Asia to Europe to America. Orchids are also a symbol of elegance, abundance, and virtue. The scent of orchids is sweet and light, which gives a feeling of relaxation and relieves stress and headaches.


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